The Exfoliator

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Benefits & Science:

Expose new and radiant skin using this unique blend of biodynamic raw sugar, lemon, raw honey, and royal jelly.  It's so pure you can eat it.  Really, try it!

High in glycolic acid, this exfoliant gently removes dead skin cells, increases cell turnover, and evens out the skin tone and complexion. The naturally occurring properties of vitamin C, iron, magnesium, vitamin B, linoleic acid, and zinc help to reduce pore size, tighten skin, and lighten age spots. The soothing and healing properties of lavender and olive oil high in vitamin E help to repair and relax the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Almond Oil high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin E, also helps to quench the skin by restoring moisture and PH balance.


Expeller Pressed Kosher Sunflower Oil*, Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil*, Calendula Extract*, Wild Yam Extract*, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Hemp CBD Oil Extract*, Unrefined Kosher  Vitamin E Oil***, Rosemary Essential Oil*, Lavender Essential Oil*

*Organic ***Non-Gmo


Is exfoliation necessary?

A quality exfoliator sets the foundation of any skin care regiment.  Without exfoliating skin to remove dead skin cells even the best most expensive creams and serums can't properly penetrate the skin to be effective.  Exfoliation is impactful on its own and is necessary for any other treatment to work.  

It's exfoliation time! 


6 month supply

**While we are in the midst of creating the packaging you see on the top of this page, you'll get to first experience this incredible product in simple non-toxic Miron glass bottles.