When Jaime was young he would spend summers in Mexico with his grandmother. While other kids were out playing, Jaime was learning from elders and taking care of plants in the community.  From an early age,  Jaime considered plants his family.  He still talks to them.  

Jaime is an avid meditator who has meditated 1252 days in a row (and counting) averaging 90 minutes a day. He started meditating and hasn’t stopped since.  He eats strictly organic and uses organic products - he even travels with organic toilet paper.  He follows Traditional Chinese Medicine including the Chinese Clock, numerology and Moon cycles.  

Jaime loves plants, bees, butterflies, preserving culture and nature, biodynamic growing, indigenous philosophy and practices, his family, providing for others, the moon, travel, crystals, stones and integrity.

He is on a mission to change the world with his skincare line that balances mind, body and soul to raise consciousness and his non-profit, the Aputi Foundation, which spreads meditation and mindfulness practices.