Lua Vida is a professional pharmaceutical cultivation and extraction company developing patented products for specific markets, while setting the industry standard in America. What sets Lua Vida aside from our competitors is the fact that we take an all-inclusive approach to every facet of the business.


     Lua Vida is a comprehensive line of Organic Solar Light Infused™ stem cell technology skin care products with a unique focus on anti-aging. Their Organic Solar Light Infused™ formulas contain a minimum of 99.9% organic ingredients derived from the true biodynamic genetics.The Organic Solar Light Infused™ concentrated formulations provide premier age-fighting blends to combat all signs of aging and enhance a luxurious natural glow. 

     Lua Vida has developed intelligent Organic Solar Light Infused™ products that utilize stem cell plant-derived ingredients for beauty enhancement that doesn't compromise your health. The power of plants and minerals from true biodynamic genetics in nature are expertly combined with our Organic Solar Light Infused™ skin care stem cell technology to unlock the secret to their potency. A high level of essential fatty acids, plant sterols, plant stem cells and solar light infused antioxidants help prevent and repair damage to your skin, in a true organic state.